Is living alone sounds so boring?

At some point, we might want to experience a new thing in life. For me, it was the time when I finally decided to live alone. Living alone might be hard and a life-changing experience.

I used to live separately from my parents for 6 years in a dorm. During university, I live with them and suddenly they become more overprotective.  They refuse my choice to live alone and ask me to go back to Jakarta, immediately. After several discussion they agree with my decision to live alone, finally.

What is the advantage of living alone so far?

Well, I start to realize that I feel more advantage and it changes me personally. Here are some of the perks of living alone according to my experience so far.


You don’t have someone to share the bills with. It must be expensive so you need to do your own budget for bills, groceries, etc. If you don’t know how to do it, at least you learn something new. And sometimes, life can be hectic so you need to deal with it by yourself and find a way to get it done.


Yes, you can get your own freedom and be completely yourself. You can do whatever you want to do in your own way and no one criticizes about it. You do what you wanted to do.


During your time, you can understand your self better. What you like to do and don’t. What makes you happy, what makes you mad. You have enough time to do self-discovery and act according to your will. Without no one judging you.


This is the most important thing for me when I choose to live alone. You can get a peace and quiet environment in your home. Let say you have a stressful day and when you come home it is complete silence and you can relax more. Getting older makes you realize peacefulness is everything.

I can say that for me, this is like a big step. But, this is the best decision I took so far. It changes me personally.

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