Is it possible to do a flashpacking with low budget? Absolutely YES!

Me and a friend took a trip to 3 cities in Malaysia last year. It started with AirAsia big sale, so we got a super cheap flight around and to Malaysia from Jakarta. The trip was from March 29 until April 2, 2016 but we took a night flight on March 29 so basically it was a 4 days trip. It is indeed full of rush and I can’t say you can really enjoying the moment with only 4 days and catch up to 3 cities. We need to hop on and off into an airplane every day. But, if you really have limited time and do really need a quick escape this is worth to try 🙂

And, how to do it exactly?

Ok, here is my itinerary for your reference.

Day 1 – 29 March 2016

We landed in KLIA at night around 11.30 pm, so we decided to sleep at the airport as we have a first flight to Penang the next morning. KLIA is a huge airport and have so many flight connecting around the world, so you don’t need to worry where to sleep, lots of backpackers sleep at the airport too.

Day 2 – 30 March 2016

Landed at Penang International Airport, we went straight to our hotel in Georgetown area. We took bus no 401 from the airport to Jetty area. We dropped in front of a mall and need to walk around 45 minutes to reach our hotel, found out our hotel is only 50m from the Jetty terminal which is the last stop for bus no 401!!!

This city is so beautiful with a mural in the streets and old building around, we took several photos in front of couple of street mural we passed by. We only bring a small backpack with us and not our Deuter 45L backpack, so it’s pretty light to go everywhere without dropping our backpack at the hotel first.

If you have chance, I suggest to stay 2-3 days so you can visit a mural. They even have a map for every street mural and you can do it by renting motorbike or bicycle. We plan to rent one, but we gave up after visiting several shop and all motorbike are fully booked, besides we only stay a day in the city so we just explore the city by walking.

Day 3 – 31 March 2016

We woke up early to catch our 11 am flight to Langkawi. We took bus 401 again this time to airport from Jetty terminal, and had breakfast there. The airport is not so big but nice enough. After had amazing culinary here, having McD as our breakfast is a downgrade.. firstly it’s fast food, secondly Penang culinary was amazing!

Langkawi is more humid than Penang, typical beach area maybe. Thinking calmly at the airport either rent a scooter or take a car, suddenly local people come to us offering to rent a car for a day. This person offer a super cheap price compared to the others so we were a bit worry if this is scam. He offers MYR 60/day exclude petrol. He bring us to an area outside the airport to get the car and surprisingly they just like abandoning the car! They even left the key hanging in the car. I asked him if it is safe and OK because someone might stole the car. He said it’s normal here to do it.. haven’t checked if it’s true or not. And he doesn’t hold my passport as guarantee! Normally when I rented a motorbike in Thailand, they did hold our passport.. so I’m a bit worried. I took picture in every single angle of the car, just in case! We will make sure to return the car in good condition as it is.

Good thing about having this car rent is we don’t need to spend more money for taxi from and to airport, because we took the car in airport and we can bring it back to airport before we depart from Langkawi. And we found out it is good choice to rent a car considering Langkawi is humid and the distance to one place and another is far! We saw lots of tourist also renting a car so I assume it’s common.

Our day in Langkawi was turned out good, I ticked off my one of bucket list which is visiting Langkawi Sky Bridge. Another good thing is, LANGKAWI IS A TAX FREE ISLAND!! Meaning we can buy everything without taxes. Duty free shop is everywhere.  If you really into alcohol.. this is your place. They sold it in extremely cheap price. But the regulation said you can only bring alcohol outside the island if you can stay more than 3 days here and with maximum 1000L, if I’m not mistaken. You can do research to double check the regulation. For me, I just bought lots of chocolate as a gift to my friends in Jakarta.

Day 4 – 01 April 2016

Our flight was at 3pm, so we can go to the Duty Free shop again today and grab some meals.. in my case Nasi Kandar. I do really like it a lot!

Reached Kuala Lumpur by night, nothing special for me. Been here several times, we just eat out in the Bukit Bintang area in front of our hotel which is expensive, will never eat in here again! And going to a shopping malls. If this is your first time, you might check out Petronas tower during night.

Day 5 – 02 April 2016

We will back to Jakarta with a night flight, so we checked out from our hotel and go straight to KL Sentral to put our backpack in a rented locker at the station. We plan to go to Batu Caves and we took a train from KL Sentral.

And, is there any tricks to get cheap transport to KLIA?

Well, a little bit tips for you to get a cheap train ticket to KLIA IF you have longer time and not in a rush, what I did is you take KLIA transit instead of KLIA express. By using KLIA transit, you need to go from KL Sentral to Putrjaya&Cyberjaya Station (cost you RM 14) and exit in that station. Then you need to purchase another KLIA transit ticket to KLIA2 (cost you RM 9,4), so total cost for taking KLIA transit is only MYR 23,4. Comparing with KLIA transit which cost you RM 55 from KL Sentral to KLIA, you just need to pay half price! But again, this is not advisable if you are in hurry to catch your flight. Why? Because in Putrajaya you might need additional time around 45minutes in case you lose the previous train.

That’s it! My very rushing and simple itinerary. Normally, I don’t prefer rushing everything. But hey, you need to try something new once, right? 🙂

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