Super Junior MV Teaser – Mr.Simple

Akhirnya MV teaser Super Junior – MR. Simple keluar juga πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Super Junior MV Teaser – Mr.Simple Part 1

Super Junior MV Teaser – Mr.Simple Part 2


P.S. Aku kasih link aja biar langsung ke YouTube Accountnya SME.. biar view nya banyak danΒ  jangan lupa di like di Youtube nya ya.. alasan lain juga karena sumber yang aku kutip dibawah ini πŸ˜€

The company, SME, had cited many times that they will use the no. of views of videos to determine the ranking of artists. That means, if SNSD is having the most views, they will be the most popular etc. SME had opened another account and is now reuploading the vids of all artist. While many of us didn’t know why they are doing such things, let’s just take it that they want to see who’s more popular.

Anyway, the main point is, the YT account of SM official has installed some kind of auto play, that means when you click into their official YT page, a group, that particular group’s video will be automatically played. That group, that special group isn’t some kind of rising sun, nor something sparkling, neither is it a maths equation so you know what i mean.
That means, if you just click into the official YT page of SME, your view will be counted to that group as well….-_- this is not fair gosh-_-
So, to boost the boy’s popularity, we had to keep replaying the teaser and 5 jib mv.
Here’s the link that will bring you to SJ’s playlist.
After watching the vids, make sure you like it as well lol
and make sure you refresh your page before watching again.
We don’t want our boys’ effort to be wasted right?
Anyway, 5 JIB daebak!!!

Please help me spread this message as well. I just translate this from Baidu.

credit: Baidu
eng trans: mcts051129@ LJ
Việt Trans : Len @SilvermistSJ

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